Standard Pad - T-C912 & T-C916 Model Series

ClipGem® is a letter- or legal-sized electronic signature capture clipboard for use wherever one party desires a paper copy or receipt in addition to an electronic copy.
Thin and lightweight, the Topaz ClipGem signature pads are a great choice for use in the field as it is powered only by your computer's data port. With the large, rugged signing surface, these models show the signature on the computer screen.

MODELS:                                                                                                DATA SHEETS

T-C912-HSB-R       Letter-Sized USB                                                SignatureGem 4x5 Data Sheet
T-C912-B-R             Letter-Sized Serial                                              Universal User Manual
T-C916-HSB-R       Legal-Sized USB
T-C916-B-R             Legal-Sized Serial


T-C912 & T-C916 Model Series
The Topaz ClipGem® is a letter- or legal-sized electronic signature capture clipboard. Featuring a thin, lightweight footprint and rugged signing area, it is powered solely by your computer’s data port. The digitizing pen and optional ink tip allow for both signed paper records and digitally signed documents.  
• Rugged signing area for long life
• Thin size and lightweight clipboard for portability
• High-quality biometric and forensic capture techniques
• Topaz software suite bundled at no additional cost for complete
  signing and signature solution customization
BUNDLED TOPAZ SOFTWARE                  
Developer’s Tools                           Utilities
SigPlus® Pro ActiveX                      pDoc® Signer for PDFs
SigPlus Pro Java                              SigTool Imager Plus™
SigPlus Pro C++                               SignMeIn™
SigPlus Pro .NET
Server/Browser Tools                    Plug-Ins
Topaz eSign Emcee®                      Microsoft Office
SigWeb™                                           Adobe Acrobat
                                                             OPOS Driver
Remote Usage Options                  Verification Software
Serial (-B pads)                                  SigCompare™
SigSock™ (-HSB® pads)                 SigAnalyze®
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